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Vamos a cabo en las paradas de autobús, en los ascensores y cafés ChatSpot insignia. Este es el lugar donde se puede abr

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It is a great idea because it makes connection between online world (map of Chatspots, application on tablets and smartphones) and our offline life maximizing the benefits from our meetings with people similar to us in real places in the urban area. Chatspot is, in my opinion, a great communication channel, which gives opportunity to meet new people ready for socializing in the real world, without previous announcement, spontaneously, without fear of making a fool out of ourselves.


It makes me think of Hyde Park, where you can stand on a cardboard box, and tell what you have to stay.
I like the idea of a slow-tech social network also. But do you think that people will open up easily in these places? Or do you need special context?


People don't talk to each other in public transportation : I believe it's because they are afraid of being rejected, or to seem weird to start a conversation with someone who does not want to.

Your idea is very simple and lowtech, but quite effective, because it would delete this retraint ! It is also quite simple to deploy in a "guerilla" mode : some stickers to print, and let's go ! (but I don't think it would be very legal to cover the city with it ;) )


Great in case of boredom, loneliness or lack of information. New opportunities, more fun, connection with others. Congratulations! :-)

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