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Recibe un mensaje de texto cuando usted o un miembro de la familia está en una zona de la ciudad con incidentes de críme

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Hello Aamir,

We have talked about it in this idea . It could be very helpful indeed, specially for turists, but a bit too intrusive if used to spy on someone, don't you think ? (It's my own opinion)


There is a crime map available in the US, isn't there? When Googling 'crime map', I see this nice map for the UK:
crime map
I think the indication could be linked to the travelling app you're using to discover a city: it could highlight the areas where it's more dangerous.


A map that displays the past seven days of the NYC's 311 complaints
NYC 311 map


Thanks. In the USA there is also an online database for addresses of registered child offenders. This app can be useful for 10 - 16 year old children and their parents.


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