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WI-FI HOT SPOT en el transporte público (autobuses, tranvías, metro)

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Hello Wojkup,

Wifi is more and more requested in public transports : it is quite normal !

Some companies are launching programs in this way : Rotterdam, but Paris is also thinking about it !

Why not use 4G transmittors instead ? the connexion process could be easier !


I think that's an issue to think about. Mayby mobile operator and transport company should divide the costs among themselves (fifty-fifty). If additional the municipalities whould like to participate, the costs would be lower for each one. IMO this should be considered as a prosocial activity (non-profit).
I know, I know - business is business :-)


Hello Wojkup,

Warsaw (Poland) leads trial in city buses. See:

After this is planned to launching service in others public transport vehicles. By the way, we have many free hotspots in the centrum of Warsaw, but 3G/4G is better then the wifi and more safe.


4G for me is normal (easy and fast) the same like Wifi - I agree with you. However, I supose that some people (subscribers) haven't good data packets within their subscription and they prefer Wifi in public places. Thanks for your opinion.


And 4G is not very available for PC and Tablets...

A good way to do it is to use a 4G transmitter that delivers wifi signal ! An example of router :

Easy to install or replace, connexion available for all...

But the transport company would have to pay for the data..

What do you think ?

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