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City sistema de tratamiento de aguas residuales conectada a una red de sensores para supervisar la operación y mejorar l

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Aamir, the Imagine WIth Orange expert on smart grids !

Numerous companies are on the starting line about smart water : GE, Hitachi, IBM... It is normal, when you know that more than 30% of energy consumption and 15% of water consumption could be saved with these technologies !

For more info :


Thank you . Smart meters are a good idea. The advantage of using remote connected sensors in waste water treatment is the reduced cost of cables and if a sensor is out, we can know immediately. Reduced time to get data can also be an advantage.


I've just met this start-up which focuses on analytics for maintenance and monitoring of networks:


Thanks. Sure, good analytics for a network in the processing of waste water by a city would lead to a cleaner environment and optimization of processing materials.


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