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Control inteligente y seguimiento de los sistemas de alumbrado público conectados para la reducción de los costos de e

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Hi, it's good to have you back on this new campaign!
Lighting in the city is one of the key expenses that could be more closely monitored.
Onec all lights are connected, they can be easily controlled.
Should this be based on complex algorithms crunching various data sources?
One can think of local sensor on the light to trigger the lighting wehn someone comes up?
One could also link this dashboard to all billboard and signaling of the city?


Monitored systems for public lighting is already a reality, in Amsterdam, in Florida but also near Paris in Issy-les-Moulineaux !

The thing interesting in this idea is the connection with all kind of datas and the open-program thanks to APIs !


About Lightning, Spain will implement first public street lighting system powered exclusively by solar and wind energy :


Important facts to keep in mind besides connectivity are power management and security for outdoor wireless control devices. Cellular and Wi-Fi can be two good options for connectivity.

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