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Interfaz estandarizada y protocolo entre teléfono móvil / tableta y pantalla del salpicadero.

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Thanks Jaroslaw for sharing your idea !

As you can see on idea's photo, Apple has launched its own OS for in-car display :

Apple is now really putting itself into work on car software (cf. News tab). And it shouldn't be surprising to see them growing more and more on the market in the next few years !


There are several initiatives on the market, bot none of them is really open. Apple solution will work only with Apple devices ;-) Similar idea comes from Tesla cars, which basically have linux-based PC in the dash and it is possible to stream video to this sceen.
Orange could launch an initiative of Open Standard, like HDMI so it could be used on any car with any device (Apple, Android, Windows) in a simple way. Streaming video to the dashboard is easy, however we also need return channel to control touchscreen.


TY for sharing, there is a battle going to take the ownership of the dashboard:
- Android Auto and Apple Carplay are working on being installed in every car so that you see your smartphone app on the dahsboard
- At the same time, automakers try to keep the ownership of the dashboard with their own services for navigation and car control


This reminds the times where every vendor provided it's own unique phone charger, even different among own product families. Thanks to standardization forces finally all agreed to use USB port :-)
Hopefully the same evolution will take place here.


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