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Un sistema operativo embebido en tiempo real para la operación eficiente de los coches inteligentes

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Hi Aamir, TY for sharing, what is the purpose of this OS? Checking up on the different parts of the vehicle like in
To connect with smart phone and mirror their interface like with Apple Carplay and Android Auto?
Would that be an OS developed by car manufacturers?
Do you agree with in-car out-of-car services breakdown?
Cyber security of the driverless car is certainly a big issue.


Thanks. Having an OS that works with microcontrollers that are interfaced with the controls and sensors of a smart car,will enable the creation of many smart car applications. There can be in-car and out-of-car, especially remote services and M2M analytics software applications that can be developed and ported on this OS embedded in a microcontroller. I will post some applications based on this platform in my future ideas. The OS can also provide additional security to applications by providing protected encryption and other methods to defend applications against attacks. The OS can be developed by the microcontroller manufacturer or an independent vendor.


Cyber security of driverless cars can be provided by using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols for communications security for the network of cars.


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