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Plan de seguro basado en tiempo real inteligente como para el Smart and Self-Driving Car

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TY for sharing, it's also being explored in France:
Youdrive rewards good way of driving, which he analyzes through a drivebox which collects data on the way you drive, and impacts positively the insurance bill the next month.
Similarly, AKOLYT by Meetdrust, is a coaching app for a better driving


Many thanks for the great references!


Good idea ! This system is going to be introduced by some insurance companies here in the U.S.A. . They will however need prior approval from the driver since it involves location tracking.


Thanks for the info and for your support!
I'm not sure what is the level it is going to be introduced, is it going to be in the full extend as proposed in my idea?


Welcome. I will get more information on that and post it.

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