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Sistema de semáforos inteligentes - Ahorro de combustible y energía mediante la optimización de tráfico

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Thanks FrequentFlyer74 for your implication and your well-worked ideas !

The traffic lights are indeed a great way to do a vehicle fleet management. Your idea is a great combination of other ideas of the community, go read & comment them !
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A lot of works on a "Traffic light management system" are on their way, like :
- Swarco, a firm which provides traffic solutions
- or Siemens in the same way
- Many articles about how the system evolves :

It does bring out security concerns too like hacking :


Thanks for the references and for the additional material.
I think that the option of autonomous cars brings the idea of optimal traffic management to possible maturity. With the option to know the route in advance and by having a deterministic method to control driving and timing, the technology is possible and risks are lower.


Welcome back FrequentFlyer74, we've missed you!
Your idea echoes the idea of big data for traffic management, doesn'it?
Of course, the context of driverless car makes it all more ambitious with a complete network of connected cars with the traffic light and traffic management system!
The system developed Audi is a first step in your ambitious path: traffic light online service:


What is the difference between and

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