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Los padres están distraídos luchando niños en el asiento trasero. Esta aplicación ayuda a mantener a los niños tranquilo

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We see the problem! Do you have a specific app in mind (for example related to the the lanscape you are driving through), or any tablet with video and apps would do the job?


Hello and thanks for your interest.

This App is about making healthy relationship practical and fun. The App helps
- Clarify expectations. How many times do we REALLLLLLY sit down and talk to the kids when everyone is in a good mood about the importance of being calm in the car. Sounds boring? Well, we make it fun with ways the kids get to be involved in planning One Great Car Ride.

- Acknowledge success. How many times do we encourage our kids by noticing the positive behavior we want them to have. The App provides that positive encouragement (ex. bells ring when they have been quiet for ______ minutes). Kids get to choose what sound is "Great Job Sound."
- Provide informed choices. Connected to the GPS, the App lets parents know how many minutes until the next rest stop, the next stop with a resto, the next one with a playground.... When back seat noise increases, App proposes to stop soon and parents can choose according to need.

Where is car connectivity? Measuring noise level in the back seat and integrating with GPS. With our current phone capabilities (volume measurement and GPS tracking), this could even be a phone App.

Hope this answers your questions.


Fancy the idea. Why not adding some features to the car like interactive Windows ? They would display AR spots connected to the landscape / buildings on the sides. By touching spots the kids would trigger information display and/or audio & video content. Could also become a sort of treasure hunt. How about it ?


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