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-gafas inteligentes que utilizan el reconocimiento de imágenes a las enfermedades y plagas visual, y los datos de captur

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TY for sharing this idea, this seems more accurate that drone imagery! Do you think it can enhanced with augmented reality in the future?


Absolutely. We're even working with Drone companies with cameras to utilize the backend of our platform.


Fantastic idea craiganssle, I just voted for you. May I suggest you have a look at related ideas :

Don’t hesitate to support them and to share it with your social network.


I love your idea about using wearables in the field as it is often not practical to use a mobile device: either need both hands for the work, or weather and field conditions are not conducive to it. However, given that Google seemed to have dropped their support for Google Glass, what is your wearable device platform now?

Second, how does your software deal with lack of data connectivity. All to often, the fields are in places that lack a cellular or data connection (even if the farm buildings have internet connectivity, the fields often do not.)

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