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Some services that support direct sales from farmers to consumers:


Hello, any news here ?
I'm interested in such application to make producer and consumer closer.
I find not yet online
pitch : City Sprout is aimed at simply connecting farmers and eaters by providing a platform for producers and consumers to trade with each other. Someone — a corporation, a school, a homeowner’s association — sponsors a spot where farmers show up with their goods, all already purchased online by City Sprout users. The farmers (and also local bakers, etc.) pass the goods to customers and head back to work. City Sprouts never touches any inventory and doesn’t need any trucks.


TY for sharing, is it direct sales from farmers to consumers? There are some initiatives like LaRucheQuiDitOui, but it wuld be useful to have a map indicating producers everywhere!


We have also this directory:


Also might interest you? Comment on it!


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