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Color del dinero

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A french Bank uses this concept in its app : If you have enough money on your bank account, the background is a nice weather picture. But if funds are missing, a storm quickly appears !

Your idea is a system with multiple uses : can we find more ?

It could be indeed usefull as a widget on mobile phones !


Thank you for your input and question.
I did think about an extra use scenario, a scenario which might be implementable in the future, but it all depends on the ATM structure and technology.
Based on some studies credit card fraud results in $500 million in damages each year (USA case) and according to FICO : Debit-card compromises at ATMs located on bank property jumped 174% from Jan. 1 to April 9, compared with the same period last year, while successful attacks at nonbank machines soared by 317% .
The color of money system, can be implemented in all the ATM machines, presenting the amount of money found on the card as a pallete of colors, with no real digits, present on the screen.
After the owner checks and withdraws the sum of money, can active the colors system, using the app/button on the mobile phone.
This means the thiefs will not be able to record a code for that system too.
While the system is activated, the owner can be anounced if someone wants to hack the account.


Other possible uses:
- To mask the caller id. Each person in our own phone agenda, can get a collor atributed to him or her. If we do not want, for people around us to know who called us, the owner can activate the color system and in this way mask the number and caller id. I believe it can be implemented in smartwatches too .
Besides the phone agenda, the color system can be atributed to different areas of country, thus knowing from where the last call originated

- The color system can be used as a lock screen system.
Acomplishes two important missions
- Does not allow other people to look through the phone, while leaving it unatended
- Keeps us up to date with the pre programed situations.

- Every situation which has a daily or sudden change of price change can be attributed to the color system


And I rember a wallet which was getting smaller as your money reserves were decreasing! A kind of Money barometer


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