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Entusiastas Ayuda comerciales de todo los corredores de acceso mundo que permiten invertir pequeñas cantidades de dinero

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Hello Gnoufal,

I didn't know about the existence of partial shares. It is very interesting ! After microlending, microinsurance, here comes microtrading :)

How would such a service earn money ? Through a commission on operations ?


Thanks for you comment and support. I'm a master's in finance student and I wanted to trade to be able to see the practical side of trading securities and how the markets actually work. So, I started searching on the internet how can I do that with a limited budget (a student budget) and I found this service offered in the U.S. for people there only so I couldn't access it.

The operation can make fees from the brokerage firms, advertising their firms through the app, from commission on operation, and maybe through currency exchanges interest on the money if, for example, the trader was in Jordan and the broker was in the U.S. and requires that the bank account be in the U.S., the trader can transfer money toan intermediary which can then forward the funds to the broker.

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