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Bodas Mobile Money mejor regalo

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Nowadays, we can use common pot platform for wedding gifts (in France, we have, but other examples exist)

But your solution is more pratical : no credit card number to enter, no need to create an account on the platform...

But I don't really see how it differs from a regular mobile money transaction !


I'm Sorry but i didn't understand your answer,
The all concept is to pay using our Orange Mobile Money - so this idea is using the digital money transaction using the orange mobile money as way of giving a gift - since it connected directly to our bank account.


Providing your gift through a mobile money transfer: so the couple would just have to open a wedding mobile money account?


Yes Or any person who send them a gift will use the Mobile Money App to transfer is money directly to their bank account - straight from his mobile money account.
Or he can send the money from his account to their account - with his blessings.
This idea can be done in different ways, but i like the way you think - Thank you.

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