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Scanner - aplicación móvil, utilizado para escanear el número de serie de dinero y añadirlos a la cuenta bancaria.

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Easy upload of cash and other money options such as bank notes and checks is a great addition to the mobile money concept.

While bank notes are easy to protect from misused more than once after being uploaded, protecting cash bills is tricky. How would you make sure that a minute after uploading a 100 Euro bill, the user does not take this bill and reuse it?

I think that if this issue can be solved, bank notes upload is still a great feature to be pursuit.


Each bill is unique, containing a serial number of 10-11 digits or more. As long as a serial number is entered in the account, it cannot be used, by the same person or any other person, until the money are deposited in the bank and the payment is finalized.
Afterwards, the same cash bill code , can be scanned to top up the account.


The fact that each bill is unique in terms of ID is OK. But this does not solve the reusing problem. As the bill has its own value (unlike back notes which are cashed only by the bank and can be protected against reusing), there is nothing prevents the user to make use of the same bill after was "uploaded" to his mobile money account with another usage such as paying cash for a taxi driver, or at the nearest store.

How would you prevent this?


Evening Frequent, this type of reuse we cannot stop, for the moment.
Because nowadays the ATM''s cannot scan the money serial numbers, there is no point for people to add the same banknotes to the account.
What we can make sure, is that, until the account is filled with the real money, the payment will not be allowed to leave.
And second, the seller can be anounced of the fact that part of the money used to bid for the product, are not in the account, but in the bidders posesion.
And yes, people can use friends money to complete the needed virtual money, doing so, the friend who lends the money, will not be able to scan them with the application, until the 1st person finished the payment with real money.


Security and reuse is the key, as FrequentFlyer said !

What about this : if you don't send you bill to the bank 3 days after the auction, you get "fined" by your bank ?

Have you seen this idea ? It adresses quite the same problem.

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