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S.wallet - Escuela Monedero

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So, the idea is to have an evolutive digital wallet, that follows you from your childhood to your elderly years?

How do you manage interoperability with other digital wallets ? Maybe through APIs ?
Or you can base your service directly using the mobile money account that is used by all...


(I did not fully study the subject) But, as i see it, everyone wants to develope a digital wallet, a piece of the fintech. What they do not really think about, is the user(like in the loyalty program cards, when you have one for each case or hypermarket). The idea here is to create one digital wallet from school time , till after the university years, with its own API and merchants. The wallet does not impose on the person after he/she finishes an MBA or PHD.
As i study the subject. i will come with a better response.


I like the idea of a mobile money wallet evolving according to the stage of life!
Have a look at Smart Pocket Money for the Kids stage:


Talking about evolving wallet, there can be two products:
1. The family wallet - the one that evolves with the owner through life and when the person dies or decides too , can give the wallet to the next in kin (like a inheritance)

2. The school wallet - starts when the owner begins first grade, ends the cycle when he/she gets a master/PHD degree and continues its route - going back to school, where another first grader can start learning from the mistakes or economical wisdom of the previous owner.


The CV is an infinite series of expenses and earnings.
Mathematical Formula : CV= (Ex+Ea)^∞ either CV= (Ex*Ea)^∞

If we are too take this possibility in account, than the School Wallet can become the new generation's CV.

All we have do is extrapolate data from our expenses and earnings lists, and we end up with the flowest Curicullum Vitae.

We still need to add a few data, over the base, but at least we do not have to change CV apps, just because the company, we apply to does not understand the format or works with the designer


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