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Pregunta: ¿Cómo construir una ventaja en el mercado de Orange Finanzas B2B / B2C? Re: Naranja Beacon para Orange Finanza

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Actually I saw a proof of concept of Coupons being handled on the Orange Money service 2 years ago! Let's make it a reality!


Lets' make shopping a new field for Orange !


Doing so would offer insight to what shoppers are "passing over" on their way to the POS terminal - Behavioral analytics could be combined with actual purchase analytics to better serve brands and stores regarding merchandise placement.

Beacon relays to physical shopping cart what item has been placed inside and dynamic coupons are presented to consumer accordingly. Example, when the consumer picks up a brand name margarita mixer and places it in the buggy a coupon is beamed to mobile device with a special offer on plastic cups, rim salt, or fresh limes perhaps. This example in no way endorses the enjoyment of an ice cold margarita on a hot summer afternoon :)

I must apologize tomek_cis, you inspired me to begin to realize your idea as if I was already at the store using it!


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