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GreeNav - La primera aplicación de navegación "verde"

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TY for sharing, I like the green navigation based on fuel consumption, and the best path to avoid pollution!
Regarding multimodal nav, this is a popular topic:


Thanks for your comment.
The concept behind this idea is similar to Waze - with an important addition, not only the navigation is based upon real time traffic report but also on real time fuel usage reports.


Another angle on selecting your road with green concern: Eco-citizen tourism offer themed trips including actions for the environment


Thanks for the additional use case - I think that just with the creation of the real time based fuel consumption map which is the main side-product of this idea, an endless number of applications can be built!


You can also add the car type to your information collection. So a Ford Mustang owner get the relevant data for his car and not information from other cars type.

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