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Obligación de equipar las regletas con un interruptor remoto

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Merci pour vos soutiens ! Il va en falloir peut être un peu plus pour espérer que la Commission Européenne impose ce dispositif sur toutes les multiprises vendues en Europe.


TY for sharing this idea, very pragmatic and efficient, small change, real impact!
Let's go one step further, could we imagine connected switch that can be switched off remotely by our smart phone?

And naturally, Orange My Plug :)


Thanks for your support.
Your proposal is great in terms of usability and may also be an alternative. However a system, to be remotely turned on, must be wakable, so requires a bit of energy. Even if small, a bit of energy x millions of household represents from my standpoint a huge waste, in other terms a source of big saving.
"L'énergie la moins polluante est celle que l'on ne consomme pas", so I want to be able to really to shut all my plugs off

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