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recopilador de datos de la nieve: recoger y compartir las características de la nieve para determinar la cera adecuada

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TY for sharing this info, collecting and analyzing snow, and sharing the info at the resort level, via ski tampers, might be easier?


Hello, thanks for your comment. My idea is related to Nordic Ski, not Alpine ski. For Nordic ski, you can't really speak about resort. Tracks are in the natural fields, over 50 kilometers long, generally over hiking trails. You don't have ski tampers on all over these tracks, except at crossroads. So you would not have mesurements all along the way with your proposal + bringing the energy to the ski tampers that are almost lost in the field would really bea hard.
You proposal make sense for Alpine ski on ski resorts, but I don't know anyone that wax his ski or snowboard (while this is mandatory for nordic ski, especially in skating technique).
May I recommend to change the illustration and use for example that one ?


Fantastic idea REXANDSHREK, I just voted for you. May I suggest you have a look at related ideas :

Don’t hesitate to support them and to share it with your social network.

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