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Durante el senderismo Trail siguiente se puede utilizar para grabar la ruta y trackback sus pasos cuando se siente perdi

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TY for sharing, there are several GPS tracker offerings, how would you differentiate?


Evening, the biggest differentiation is represented by the cost, as most GPS devices have a price of over 100 euro, with the range of 200 being the normal case scenario.
Secondly, the idea is meant as a b2b business and not necessarily b2c, the target customers being hotels, universities, to provide them as an added amenity, for the stayover package.
What else:
- Battery life - not imposing over the mobile phone battery life, which is limited anyway.
- Size - posibility to add it to your daily trinket.


Very powerful tool which reminds me of how people used ropes to mark they way back when handling inside an underground tunnels maze.


Fantastic idea tyby82, I just voted for you. May I suggest you have a look at related ideas :

Don’t hesitate to support them and to share it with your social network.

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