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Servicio de Oficina Móvil mayor - aplicación para las personas mayores y las personas discapacitadas que actúan para los

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TY Pablo_CK for this relevant idea!
you should take a look at this company ! they are providing digitalized interface to help Orange customers without talking to a CSR ! it can be interresting for the elderly and the disabled people


TY Pablo, a direct line or seniors to human customer care, and digital coach, very nice idea!
Have a look also to
Maybe mutual help for support could also be set-up like in Giff Gaff service, where the community provides the support,
or like in this idea:


One could also bundle Orange customer care for seniors, with other assistance services for health and home care.


Improving customer care for seniors


I personally have in mind the creation of an application without any options - the user has to directly connect with a consultant, if the consultant will not be able to help the other party, it will be switched to another person.

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