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Un programa de ordenador para la detección temprana de la pérdida de audición y visión en los ancianos

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TY Angler for this relevant idea ! do you know which technology could be used for detecting the medicinal disease thanks to the computer?


In this case, take advantage of opportunities that have each computer display:
- Generating a sound of a specific frequency and a specific volume (senior keeps ears at an appropriate distance from the speakers and indicate verbally when he hears a particular sound at a given time)
- Display of selected images and flashes (senior keeps his eyes at the correct distance and indicate verbally when he sees a flash when he sees a particular color, etc.).
- Camera placed at the screen captures the behavior of the eyeballs and the pupil when viewing images (appropriately selected by specialists) and compares the patterns.
Please note that this program does not replace professional medical examination. But it will help you decide on a visit to the eye doctor or audiologist.


TY Angler, maybe additional devices could help detect deficiencies, and transmit the data to the ophtalmologist as suggested in this idea?


Here are some vision tests that can help assess your vision:


We need to find a similar hearing tests, and we have the realization of my idea.
Exactly what I mean (I would add a few other tests: vision, adaptation, convergence, for example) for testing eyesight.

IWO, thanks, your comments are very creative ;)


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