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UNA MEJOR MANERA: Waze para accesibilidad, asistente de voz crowdsourced con los datos hiperlocales para guiarle por el

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TY for sharing this slick idea! It reminds me of but leveraging the power of the crowd to have an up to date information on every accessibility issue is a key asset!
As there are some public data available from the cities, the app should also integrate them, shouldn't it?
An app for NYC with a similar intent:



Thank you, Orange FR for those links.
Yes, certainly integrate information from existing databases (e.g. the NYC app for NYC purposes), but are all databases using a common standard that can enable information sharing?


Thta's the principle of open data, not a common standard, different formats, more complicated but does not prevent from processing the data.


It would be interesting if the real time computation of optimal routes by an app based on this idea could be PAIRED WITH something like this to help the blind:

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