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Porque la vida es movimiento - con ayuda de la tecnología de streaming multimedia reunir a la gente para el ejercicio, p

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TY for this additional idea. It would definitely be a useful service for older adults staying at home.
There are many apps for Yoga as you will see in this idea's comments and for Tai chi and this one presents video:


Thanks for those links. I joined Orange this week and am unfamiliar with ideas and discussions that happened in previous competitions. It seemed that those existing apps, unlike my suggestions, have not built in the bridge from virtual interaction to real face-to-face meetings in public for exercising together, or been designed with the intention to extract and quantify balance, gait, etc data from the users.


May we use this picture (as below) or a better one, please?
(its available under a CC SA 2.0 open license).


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