Harvard startup plans a fashion accessory focused on safety

Harvard startup plans a fashion accessory focused on safety.

Helping protect young women from sexual assault, with a device that women could wear: it would fit inside bracelets and necklaces and connect to the wearer’s phone.

The wearer could activate two different modes depending on her assessment of a threatening situation.

  1. In silent mode, a message would be sent to a predetermined list of contacts — friends, family, roommates, or others — asking them to give the wearer a call and check in.The device would also allow contacts to determine the woman’s location via GPS. It could be used, for instance, in a situation in which the user is worried that someone is following her home.
  2. Emergency mode would send contacts the user’s GPS location, with a message urging them to meet her immediately or call police. The device inside the jewelry would emit a loud alarm, designed to draw attention.

Users could also opt to share their location with other Flare wearers nearby through their phones to create a network of active bystanders.