Next generation networks for a better life

Telecom networks of the future (5G), what does this mean to you? What do you expect?

The next generation of telecom networks will facilitate our increasingly connected usages, thanks to a faster Internet, more comprehensive coverage, and a capacity to connect objects, even in very large numbers. What do you think should provide the ideal network?

Meanwhile, new usages will develop on these networks of the future: personal assistant and artificial intelligence, virtual reality, high definition TV, autonomous cars, connected health and home support, digital and collaborative city, 4.0 industry, robots, ... What are the uses you're dreaming of? What are the problems of your life that seem vital to you, and for whicch telecom networks could provide a solution? It can be at your hand (smartphone or connected object), view (glasses), voice (personal assistant), via new digital interfaces, ...

Let's imagine all the new-generation networks, and uses that will change our lives!