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Multiple Sub-Accounts Per Mobile Money Identification Account

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Your idea is right between the concepts of mobile money and mobile banking.

How do you see such a service from the user point of view ? Do you need an app to set-up different accounts ?

Thanks for your kind response.
Regarding your question, the service can be controlled using a dedicated app which makes the correlations between the back accounts, the relevant business type and expenses types which the customer may choose when he pays.
Another option, is to define the connectivity from a web page which may be easier for the user to configure and setup only once, and let the app make the account/type selection.

On the future, when banks fully support mobile money concept, the inter-connectivity may be done directly from the bank account web/app configuration wizard where connection to the mobile money account will be set easily.


Interesting, but how can one mobile money account can fuel multiple accounts?
"The mobile money account shall make the work behind the scene and charge one or more payment sources to cover the expense."

The idea is the following:
When more than one bank account (or payment source) are defined in the same payment type (i.e. personal accounts which interconnects with two bank accounts), the expense may be larger than the sum in each account separately. For example, on Account A the user has 200 Euro and in Account B the user has 300 Euro, if the expense is 400 Euro, the app shall make the coverage for this expenses by using the two accounts together, without the user involvement in the process.


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