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Demonstration Attendance System Using Mobile Money Account

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We have spoken a lot about demonstrations attendance on Imagine with Orange, here are some examples !


Mobile money could be nice, and could also be set-up by charities organizing a demonstration to raise funds.

Thanks for the reference ideas.
I Think that there is a major difference between the technology proposed by these ideas (all of them use the mobile network provider - i.e. Orange - to count the number of smartphones/mobile phones in the crowd and to deduce the number of people in the area.
My idea is different by the fact that it prevent double/triple counting per person. As there are already many people that hang around with more than a single device (i.e. one for your personal use, the second is for business usage), the counting may be problematic. My idea requires some sort of unique identification that make sure that each user is counted only once during the event.

The byproduct usage, as you mentioned on your comment, is the ability to use these events for fund raising. This is indeed a good option to allow, on such events, the option to pay more than the 1 Cent per person.


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