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Shopping Carts Protection using your Mobile Money account

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No more coins, just use the mobile money, and maybe a contactless payment (or rather deposit)?

The mobile money account shall be use for deposit purpose. It may use as a service - if you don't want to return the cart to its place in the store, you may leave it on the parking lot and pay a 1 Euro for its return.

It is basically a question of geographic location. The people who matters are the shoppers in the supermarket. You don't need to support babies or kids, you probably do not need to support people from countries without decent internet service...
In the interim period, both types of carts (or both type of security devices) may be used to support both coins and mobile money usages.

No more coins is impossible nowadays, as the number of smartphone users worldwide will surpass 2 billion in 2016, according to new figures from eMarketer - See more at: http://www.emarketer.com/Article/2-Billion-Consumers-Worldwide-Smartphones-by-2016/1011694#sthash.Lmh9JRzY.dpuf. You still get arround 5 billion people unacountable.
Of course it depends on the number of people who shop at Hypermarkets.

Indeed, it will need a transitory period !

Other systems could be developed on that matters : why not having a barcode scanner that allows you to scan your fidelity card for example ? Once you are identified, you can borrow a shopping cart

Barcode scanners are a possible solution for the issue, but I'm not sure that their price per cart justify the cause.


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