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Sell Your Free Parking Spot Securely

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We had a lot of ideas on parking on Imagine, as you said, it is a major trend... As collaborative economy !


Mobile money would be very useful in this usecase, when you are leaving your parking spot and have to pay immediatly : it's much more simpler and quicker than credit card !

What could be the IOT device ? A number plate reader ?

The parking sport gate can either be a gate per parking spot (where the owner control it only) or a shared gate with other residents of the building.
The device itself can be either an IoT device which can be controlled via an app or other tool remotely or a device which requires a code (changing code?) where the parking spot owner may share with the parking customer.
There are already several solutions in the market that all they need is the integration with the parking selling app.

The idea is very usefull in Malls or Hypermarket parking area, where, instead of waiting for the gate to open and check the card, the payment or verification can be done, directly when the car is parked over the parking spot.
Other interesting use cases, this idea ca bring are:
- Payment for more than one parking spot, when the car is parked over 2 or more parking spots
- Extra payment - when the car is parked in the invalid parking are, while no invalid person is in the family or in the vehicle.

That would mean that we could rent our personal parking lot while we're not using it (if i use my car to go to work, I can propose the spot for other users who can need the parking during working hours).
I think we could make a reservation, open the parking gates with our mobile (and stop having special devices for that), and pay with orange money (or get the rent on my orange money account)

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