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Unified Loyalty - barcode on mobile that's scanned at any store to earn & redeem reward points for your favorite brands!

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It is every customer's dream !

I can't even count how many loyalty program cards I have in my wallet...

And brands could be very interested to have their own loyalty system instead of relying on retailer's solutions. A start-up from Toulouse, France, is working on it for very small local retailers : it is called FidelPass.


Yes, it is centered around the brand rather than the store! I am delighted to see that I was able to describe it so that you could see that this is an idea based on reinventing the cash register so that the actual point-of-sale (the moment an item is scanned) becomes social by including all parties involved, the store, the customer, and the brand.

Thanks for your input!


Less Technical Version:

It's an app for mobile devices that serves as a universal loyalty card for both stores and brands. Many brands can be purchased from a variety of retailers. Currently, discounts for those brands are obtained by using a store loyalty card at the cash register. Unified Loyalty will allow consumers to earn and redeem loyalty points for their favorite brands no matter where they are purchased. Imagine if you didn't have to clip coupons because you earned loyalty points every time you bought trash bags. Since everybody buys trash bags the rebates may not be as large per customer, but, after so many consecutive purchases of the same brand of trash bags you may receive something to put in them for free that the trash bag manufacturer also makes, paper plates for example. Stores will be able to keep set prices and sales can be derived from the brands. This is all done using our proprietary software installed at the terminal. All the consumer has to do is install the free app and simply present it just like any other loyalty card.


Multibrand loyalty system through mobile is awesome. Correct me if I'm wrong, do you still rely on shop cahs register to scan the barcode on your mobile?

Yes indeed, the "social" cash register will still scan the barcode on your mobile device. The point-of-sale should be the moment that any barcoded item crosses the plane of the laser scanner and not the physical terminal--this is my ultimate goal. Then all parties (the brand, the store, and the customer) are truly social before any money or personal financial information is exchanged.

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