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A World without Transportation Tickets

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Transports tickets system are always more and more complex, and few initiatives exist to simplify them.

Have you seen these ideas on Imagine ?


One thing still needs to be solved : how to access restricted areas if you don't have a physical ticket ? Maybe NFC or a QR Code scan at turnstyles could be a solution.
But it is a local problem : some transports networks allows anyone to enter the subway without verifying if they have a ticket : it is the case in Vienna or Copenhagen for example.


Thanks for the detailed comment and for the reference ideas, I didn't see them before and indeed they enrich the original concept I've submitted.

The physical restriction issue may be solved, as you proposed, using NFC or QR code scanning by the phone that communicated the local system and open the gate. Alternatively, when this system become popular and dominant, maybe more and more transportation networks will join Vienna and Copenhagen and adopt a less strict accessing method.


I like that your phone handles your Id (owner's parameters) so that you can benefit frome the approriate fares.
Have a look at:

Thanks for the comment and for your support!
The reference idea is very interesting and can upgrade my idea further.


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