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Modern Jukebox

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Hello !

I've already seen this concept before with TouchTunes or Playmysong (have a look !)

Several other apps exist, but for in-house use during parties.

You can also think of a popular vote on songs that will be played : the list is displayed on smartphones, and the most popular song among the 5 proposed by users will be played right after.

What would be the pricing of the pay per song system ?


Thanks for the references, it's great to learn that my idea has already several good lead to become real. Having such infrastructure already ready without the need to develop it from scratch can be a good motivator for the whole concept being implemented including the mobile money account inter-connectivity.

As for voting, bidding, single user selection - these are all a valid implementation paths in order to make the selection process as a thrilled one. The system may also add more personal aspects - for example, the user who won the bid may be displayed along with a personal notes he wants to share with the audience (i.e. a marriage proposal...).

As for pricing, it is probably a question that requires a deeper market research process. I think that a 1$ per song can be a good starting point.


Quite unique!
You could leverage the Youtube playlist queue concept, with a Chromecast TV stick to connect to the TV set (here to the Jukebox):

Thanks for your comment and for providing an already made technology to support my idea! :-)


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