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Transparent Currency Mobile Money

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Maybe that's why Orange gets interested in Bitcoin start-ups ? Mixing mobile money with digital currency, what a perfect match!

Bitcoin is indeed a great lead toward transparent currency concept where the local currency is replaced by a global and decentralize coin, nevertheless, the path toward full adoption of bitcoin seems to be quite long and in the meantime such concept, as proposed in my idea, is probably better from public acceptance view.

Good idea! I work for a major foreign currency firm. One of the reasons exchange rates at these retail currency shops are not as good as those of credit cards is the high administrative cost of a retail currency exchange. There are a lot of government compliance rules too. In this case transparent currency mobile mobile money would be a good option where the transaction amount is small and the is a limit on monthly transactions.
A linked Orange Cash card like they have in UK would be helpful too.

Many thanks for your great support!
I agree, in my case I've manage to arrange a zero exchange rate credit card for each major destination I'm traveling to. I have one for US dollars and another for Euro, but it is still quite annoying to manage and when I'm travelling to other counties with other currencies...

Welcome. I would also like to add credit card companies have other sources of income like interest on the credit card and annual fees, to cover their expenses. Hence they can offer such good exchange rates. Apart from offering better rates than a currency exchange shop, it will be a good idea to have multiple currency mobile money which will be safe and handy for international travel.

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