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Nameless - allows you to scan the products you want to buy and shows you - the money left in your account.

more details are available for this idea read idea details


Loving it !

One good thing could be to develop an API (usible by developers) so that price comparator apps could implement it on their own... And the use of your solutions by these developpers would be charged : here is a innovative business model !

Can you explain the comparison with John Doe ? I don't get it...


Because i could not find a name for it, while posting it, i named the idea - Nameless, which in the real world is a John/Jane Doe.

Thanks for your reply !


Hi ImagineWithOrange and ImagineWithOrange the 3rd

Along the road, there are a bunch of barcode scanning applications, but, they are all extended versions and hidden in the number of apps, to be found in Googleplay and Apple store.
As i shop at hypermarkets ar Kaufland, Carrefour, Ocean, Lidl, Cora etc, i have to look for and loose time to find barscanning areas in the store.
As ImaginewithOrange the3rd stated, the app can be the base and each of this hypermarkets can use it and adapt it to their needs.
The main goal of the idea is simplicity and being able to know how much money are left in your account or what to expect when having to pay at the cash register.
All other extra Options - can be different versions to which the user may want to upgrade or not.


Oui ! Ressemble pour partie à ce qui est proposé dans certaines chaînes de la grande distribution : un scanner est remis à l'entrée et le client scanne ses articles au fur et à mesure qu'il les dépose dans le caddie et il constate ainsi l'évolution de sa facture. L'originalité de l'idée est d'utiliser un smartphone pour l'opération et de pouvoir confronter le montant prévisionnel du ticket de caisse avec le solde du compte bancaire. On pourrai aussi coupler avec des fonctions de couponning !

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