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Change to Save

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Hi Krushton,

Nice to have you back on this new campaign :)

This idea reminds me of L'Arrondi, a french start-up that proposes you to pay 21€ instead of the 20,56€ you need to pay at a cashier : the added 0,44€ goes directly to a charity of your choice.

The key in your solution will be to collect very easily the spare change digitally : how do you imagine this feature ?

FrequentFlyer had also another solution, discover it !

For online purchases a widget would be available for sites so that when someone buys something they have the option to redirect 'change' to an account a bit like PayPal. Does that make it clearer?


Great idea! But as the previous comment says, you don't keep the change in your digital service, the system dies and propose you a split. Maybe this could be facilitated when we use our mobile to pay? It could ask: shall I give you back the change (the gap between next euro threshold), or shall I redistribute it to other purposes?

Yes I agree. An option of how much to pay and how much to put in your savings account, so that the purchaser is always thinking about their saving options.


Jest taka usługa w polskim banku mBank - usługa nazywa się mSaver.
Działa to tak, że reszta z zakupów odkłada się na oddzielne konto bankowe - bezpłatnie.


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