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Silver, Gold, Platinum

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Fit customer's profiles as much as possible :)

Seriously, It could be a nice idea to differ occasional users from addicts or retailers/entrepreurs and free-lance workers.

What others differenciations between Silver, Gold & Platinium can we imagine ?

The concept of account leveling that mimics the terminology of credit cards has two main motives:
- Keep the "importance" feeling of customers as they feel when they show their platinum credit card
- Encourage customers to keep using the mobile money payment method to increase their level and maintain it.

Beside the marketing aspect which is very important (as proved by the credit cards market), differentiation can be made by the following aspects:
- Different service level per customer (i.e. maximum transaction limits, wider cycles of payments destinations, etc.), the same as credit profile and its benefits to the customer.
- Different service level per businesses (i.e. higher discounts and benefits from business or businesses clubs to higher level customers).


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