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MicroPay My Mortgage

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Hi FrequentFlyer !

Thanks for your thoughts !
You actually highlights a quite important trend : people now wants more flexible banking, that can fit to every situation.

You might want to have a look at Krushton idea : why not use your change to return money faster ?

Thanks for the comment.
The idea is to use spare money on your account, dynamically and willingly to return your loans. The idea avoid definition of strict pre-defined rules that make the saving or the load returning and allow the user a full flexibility to decide what to do with his account balance.

The user may simply transfer small amounts from time to time to cover his loans, or to mark part of the money for this purpose and decide what to do with it (transfer to loan, transfer to mobile money usage account) when he decides to do so.

We may add an advisory app above the user's account system that analyze the customer usage and suggest loan retrieval actions according to preset plans or according to user activity and detection of "unused money"


First I thought it correspond to peer to peer lending. But it's more about using your mobile money account to adjust your loan reimbursement?


Yes, this is the core of this idea - load reimbursement.
It can be used for traditional loans, mortgages and also for peer-to-peer lending.


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