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Pocket Smart Money

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Did you think about a way to secure the payment?
If the bracelet gets lost or stolen, it should be disabled. Maybe a text can be sent to parents to authorize the payment (same as 3D secure payment with credit card online). Or a limitation of the total amount available for payment so, in case of loss, only a small amount can be used before parents can disabled the payment on the bracelet?


I just read your comment with more attention and saw your pop-up-on-parents-mobilephone idea... sounds a good idea to me.


Many thanks for your comment and for your suggestion.

Please see my answer to ImagineWithOrange3 above:

the parent may predefine amounts and purposes that sets a strict budget management for the kid (these 5$ may be spend only for food or only on this kiosk). Another method is to have the usage reviewed later. A third option may be a real-time approval system where the parent receives a pop-up message each time his kid tries to use his account with the transaction details (location, items, amount, etc.) and approve/disapprove accordingly


This idea can be interconnected with my other idea regarding vending machines: http://imagine.orange.com/en/mobile-money/idea/show/930

The parent may preconfigured a product list which the kid can purchase, this list shall be maintain and enforced by the vending machine using the app.

Using this tool, the parent may control his kid's diet and healthy food, and even to avoid dangerous food ingredients if the child suffer from an allergy to them.

Then you can teach children how to spend wisely, but also how to eat healthy !

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