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Mobile payment as Secured and Verified Donation Tool

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A smart solution to a lasting problem, controlling the use of your donation money. Afrimarket has also worked on this to enable money transfer and pay for goods in compliant shopping partners: https://afrimarket.fr/client/index.php

Thanks for the comment and for the reference, my idea suggests taking this concept much further into a fully controled money transfer which allow people to define one or multiple choices for the money usages.


And Orange supports Afrimarket :)


Thanks for the great references of current trends and platforms in the direct donation world.

I think that my idea gives a generic and more global method of allowing such donation verification mechanism using a larger scale market directly via the payment system.
As payment in such donation shall be tagged and configured to its destination, the homeless (in HandUp example) will not be limited to use his account on HandUp's partner businesses, but shall be able to use any business in the world using the payment destination protection feature in the mobile payment system.

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