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To have a personal financial adviser, just start to invest 1 eurocent in here.

more details are available for this idea read idea details


Having a biometric is a great idea for authentification. I don't really know the technology, is it 100% safe and reliable ?

What do you mean by " take long time to cost out of them" ?

1,There is one mature bio-metric solution on the market actually. One operators is just taking action based on it. such as Vodafone and ZTE.
2,"Take long time to cost out of them" = It takes several months for users to have spent all their money on their mobile`s account / users run out of money. we help user make their money more active and gain more by our Orange financial products. eg,China mobile is running similar business on their users, it seems not bad achievements.


I like the idea of personal online adviser. But I'm not aware that money is frozen on mobile account: do you mean money for airtime fee? or money on the mobile money account?

Hello :)
I meant that the money is on the mobile money account , but also u can use the money for airtime fee to invest.
eg:I put 600Euro in my mobile account for one year airtime fee, it will cost 50euro per month,
So seems like around at least 300 euro would have slept on your account for a half of year without any interest/benefit back.
So Let s make some more money according to our financial adviser and stimulate user`s consumption of mobile fee

Thanks for the clarification!


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