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Pay your car tax, your traffic violations, your income taxes via Orange Money

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your idea is specific to fines while mine is more general since it concerns all government servcies as auto thumbnails, taxes...
If you want, we can merge the two ideas in a single idea: pay all your government services remotely via Oraneg money.

What you are offering is another of my ideas: http://imagine.orange.com/en/mobile-money/idea/show/963


Yes this meets with the idea of using Mobile Money to pay fines http://imagine.orange.com/fr/mobile-money-1/idea/show/973 or for utilities in prepayment http://imagine.orange.com/fr/mobile-money-1/idea/show/940 or make mobile money the easiest way to pay anything with http://imagine.orange.com/en/mobile-money/idea/show/973 or http://imagine.orange.com/en/mobile-money/idea/show/961
I guess with a simple Orange Money API, the e-administration could add a 'mobile money' payment button in all e-services?


Document dematerialization is a major concern in developed country, both for taxpayers and for the administration... You may find some examples of online payments for fines in Bruxelles for example.

Deploying an Orange Mobile Money API could be a good idea for sure !


This idea is similar to mine : http://imagine.orange.com/en/mobile-money/idea/show/973


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