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Mobile Money

Imagine with Orange’ is a crowdsourcing platform for innovation, and a launchpad for entrepreneurs. Every quarter, Imagine suggests a topic: connected family, connected objects, smart city... Innovators present their ideas in a few words on the platform. Then, ideas go all around the world. Hundreds of people will comment on them and enrich them. Orange rewards the people whose ideas were most appreciated: they can either choose between a connected device, such as LeBloc, or be invited to Paris to take part in an innovation workshop with Orange, and dig in into the potential of their idea.


Current topic's campaign is 'Mobile Money'.

Mobile money (Orange Money, M-Pesa), mobile payment (contactless NFC, digital wallet), digital money (Bitcoin), FinTech (startups using software to provide financial services): the world of finance and insurance is a fast-changing scenery.

Is it time to reshape financial services offered to you?

  • How would like te revisit services such as: online banking, expenses management, payment, credit/debit card, digital wallet, money transfer & remittances, funding, investment and trading, wealth management, loans & credit mortgage, insurance?
  • What are the next steps for crypto digital currency (Bitcoin, and others), collaborative economy (crowdfunding, p2p lending, crowd insurance, …)?

Orange Money

  • Will digital give birth to new forms of online consulting services, such as preparing retirement, or financing university for our children?
  • What are the financial apps of the future? Will there be creative connected objects to helps us manage our finances?

Imagine With Orange invites you to share your ideas from April 30th to July 2nd, as well as comment on others' ideas: the community is shaping the innovation!

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A few articles on financial services in the digital world:




And you, what are your ideas for mobile money? Share them before July 2nd!