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It's Thursday: time for the best ideas of the week !

We continue to put our contributors in the spotlight every week, on Thursday, by presenting you ideas from the community!

For this last week, many users were active on Imagine with Orange:

  • Afef from Tunisia thought about a nice solution to promote the use of mobile money. Which one ? A lottery of course! The more you use Orange Money, the more you get a chance to win an awesome prize...

  • Hypenator, a Polish contributor, had an idea about savings. You first plan your expenses, and if you still have money at the end of month, it is automatically transfered to a saving account for rough times...

  • Ayman, coming from Tunisia, adresses an issue we often discussed on Imagine with Orange: parking. His idea is to simplify payment in parking lots thanks to mobile money, with a feature that allows you to extend your hours thanks to a simple SMS.

  • Finally, Krushton from the UK, wants to marry digital money with sustainability. Her idea is to receive green tokens each time you buy a sustainable product, or support a green company.  Tokens can then be changed for real money or vouchers in stores.

You also have ideas to change the mobile payment? Come and share!

You might win an innovation workshop in Paris or a connected device, if your idea is among the most supported :)