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Imagine with Orange is a platform for sharing ideas and innovations a springboard for entrepreneurs.

Each quarter Imagine suggests a theme connected family, smart city, mobile money ... Expose your ideas into a few words on the platform ... Your ideas are then around the world. Hundreds of people will comment, enrich and vote!

Orange invites the holders of the most popular ideas in Paris to dig the potential of their idea in an innovation workshop.

The theme of the current campaign is "Digital for autonomy: disability, aging and home support."

Share your digital ideas for autonomy, social and intergenerational links.

Aging population, well-aging, and accessibility services benefit from the many possibilities offered by digital technology to empower all, in all places and at every moment of life. Digital allows to adapt or be declined in all segments and offer a real added value in those areas where the human and social ties are at the center of everything.

Because the vulnerable, whether senior or disabled temporarily or not, have a need for both autonomy and independence in their homes and on the move in the city, but also social link, and intergenerational community, let's innovate and accelerate around the digital!

Do you think digital technology, big data, mobile applications, web sites, social networks, collaborative platforms, communication tools, connected objects can facilitate their daily life at home and / or in the city?

  • What connected objects or mobile apps
    • would most likely simplify the lives of isolated older people, and of the disabled?
    • facilitate access to essential services promoting home care?
    • improve the city safe and general integration in the city?
  • Can we with big data, geolocation and social networks, measure and promote the exchange with family, entourage and organizations offering services (eg associations, social landlords and developers, education ...)?
  • How new technologies could facilitate intergenerational link, transmission of experience, memory?

Imagine With Orange with its partner BNP Cardif, invites you to share your ideas from January 11 to March 14, 2016, and also to comment, enrich and vote on those of other contributors: community is shaping innovation!

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You can win a coaching for your innovation!

Share your ideas to be invited to the Hackathon for Autonomy in Paris Bonne Nouvelle (transport costs and accommodation covered). A team will work on your idea in collective intelligence, open innovation, with the Orange innovation teams, and your project will benefit from a dedicated coaching and receive the return of Orange experts and the community. Or, you can choose winning a connected object!