Using data for environment : let's share knowledge to protect water and biodiversity

You think that your ideas can have an impact on the world we live in? Share your ideas, Imagine helps you give them life.

Imagine how together, with a better flow of information, we can better protect water, biodiversity, and marine and terrestrial environments.

  • How to make the most of new data collection methods, to improve knowledge on the environment: smart sensors, connected objects, citizen science, social networking ...?
  • The dynamic of OpenData has opened many environmental data; how to further improve their public ownership: data viz, simplified formats, APIs, uses examples ...? How to stimulate reuse beyond the data session or hackathon: labs, project calls, incubators?
  • How to make this knowledge understandable beyond its sphere of production and connect it with other types of data? In the different forms like a Wiki / DBPedia: semantic web, LinkedData, editorial content ...? In the supporting tools or free treatments to facilitate job?

What other tracks would you suggest to better share data on the environment?

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