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To find places of interest visited by family members by locating them with their cellphone and mark the place on a map.

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Slick idea. There is something of it in the mashable review of Sept 22 which includes GPS-locating services (http://imagine.orange.com/en/connectedfamily/article/list?page=2) Life360 is a family-locating app that lets you keep track of members via GPS. One could tweek it as you suggest, for vacation spots and points of interests.
Part of this, do you always want your family to know where you are? ;)


Application should also provide information of the place along with others experiences of that place. This can be shown in a pop-up when someone clicks on a marker in the map.


A good way to implement this application is by building a website using ASP.NET with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript combined with a Map API and a Places API. A mobile site can be created using jQuery Mobile.


The application can also allow members to upload their photos on a map where places of interest are marked.

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