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campaign closed

Connected Family campaign ended December 15 and againmany of you express yourself: congratulations and thank you for the 150 shared ideas!

The ideas focused on innovative communication services within the family, with distants members or to share hobbies, home of objects to make smarter, from baby bottle to baby carrier, through the coffee makeralarm or pajamas kids!

5 winners have won the largest number of supporters: ApiBib for his connected baby bottle, elmansouri for its multifunctional coffee machine for the family, maxim for his app to learn how to read time on a smart watch, Maximus for his projector alarm clockfor Brigitte_de_BOUCAUD its sharing service around babysitting. Discover below their ideas in detail. Congratulations to them!

3 of them (2 start-ups and 1 student) chose to continue the entrepreneurial adventure with an innovation workshop with the Orange teams: the aim will be to deepen the potential of their idea and see how help mature their idea in the next step. If appropriate, our Kiss Kiss Bank Bank partner will support for the realization of crowdfunding file and the display of the idea. The other 2 winners receive the Bloc d'Orange in Santa's hood.

We look forward to seeing you in January for innovation workshops and the launch of a new campaign, and wish you a happy holiday season.

Top 5 most popular ideas at the end of the campaign

 A connected baby bottle, to monitor the rate of child food and anticipate preparing baby bottles 

The coffee maker that brews coffee connected to dad at 7am, tea Mom at 7:15 or 7:30 in chocolate son eg

 "Flik Flak" is an app for children to learn how to read time on dad's smart watch 

An alarm clock connected to smartphones (& smartwatchs) which projects information ceiling 

Co-babysitting to enable parents to cultivate / out / play sports, and + often at lower cost


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